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The Token Sale Community Round Successfully Closed!

Colecti closed the first round of their token sale, dedicated to their amazing community. Together, they raised an impressive $300k! We are grateful for the unwavering support from our strong and vibrant community, which sets the foundation for Colecti’s launch and the upcoming public round of our token sale.

Join us as we build a future powered by community engagement and NFT innovation.

COL token

Your gateway to a vibrant and growing NFT community built on Lisk

As the backbone of the Colecti network, the COL token enables our community-driven marketplace to thrive. The COL token is used to secure the Colecti network through the proof of stake algorithm and its validators. It allows users to participate in the securing of the Colecti chain while reaping benefits through on-chain rewards sharing

But that’s not all – the COL token unlocks a whole world of benefits for its users. With reduced fees, users can save money while enjoying the many features of the Colecti marketplace. And thanks to its governance capabilities, the COL token empowers users to have a future say in the direction of the marketplace, ensuring that the community’s voice is heard loud and clear.



Colecti has the ambition to further decentralize the marketplace and to implement a DAO. In order to ensure that profits also benefit the community, validators will receive 50% of the marketplace commission paid in LSK tokens, in addition to COL block rewards. Additionally, the DAO will provide opportunities to COL holders to engage in curation, decision-making, proposal voting, and steering the project’s direction.



The COL token has a total supply of 250 million tokens, which will be distributed among investors, team members, and stakeholders. This distribution plan has been designed to ensure fairness and to reward those who contribute to the success of the project. Some categories in the token distribution have their own specific vesting period and lockup period, ensuring that the token distribution is managed in a responsible and sustainable way, aligning with the long-term goals of the project.

A maximum of 40% of the total supply will be allocated to the token sale, where the funding target has been set to 20%. The funds raised during the token sale will be used for research and development, marketing, and hiring talent to further develop the platform and the business. Remaining tokens from the community round will be sold in the upcoming public round.

At the heart of Colecti’s token distribution strategy is the allocation of tokens to the treasury. This reserve of tokens is essential for supporting the long-term sustainability and development of the Colecti protocol. Colecti can deploy these resources to support marketing and partnerships, helping to drive user adoption and market penetration, ensuring the platform reaches its full potential.

Colecti Community NFT Collection

Our Community Pass collection consists of a limited number of 10.000 unique digital passes that represent a special membership of the Colecti community.

You will directly be able to claim commission reduction on the marketplace, as it will make the holder eligible for Tier 3 in the discount schedule. Future perks will be announced and unlocked as the Colecti marketplace continues to evolve.

* these NFT cards are only a visualization and do not refer to any valuation of these NFTs

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