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Raphael Cornelis


Joined October 2023


I am the founder of ColectX, a dynamic NFT marketplace on Lisk, Colecti, a novel reward-based crowdfunding platform, and LiskScan, a precise blockchain explorer. Colecti enables users to become publishers, initiating crowdfunding for startups, blending their unique expertise with budding ventures. Through ColectX, I've tapped into the NFT realm, fostering a lively digital asset marketplace. LiskScan showcases my commitment to blockchain transparency. This text is for a testing profile

Successful Campaigns0/0
Success Ratio0%
Money Raised$0
Focus Area's
BlockchainDigital MarketinginvestorsLisk
Type of Commissionminimum
Min Commission25%
Commission Range-
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Publisher Services

Raphael Cornelis is focused on startups in The NetherlandsThe minimum publisher commission for a successful campaign is 25%.

Customized Crowdfunding Strategy Development

I will work closely with you to develop a tailored crowdfunding strategy that resonates with your target audience, leveraging market insights to amplify the appeal and success of your fundraising campaign, aiming to exceed financial targets.

Professional Media Production

Engage a team of skilled videographers and photographers to create compelling, high-quality media content that accurately tells your story and showcases your project, driving engagement and contributions to meet and surpass your fundraising goals.

Investor Relations Management

I’ll connect and communicate with potential investors, manage inquiries professionally, and present your project favorably, ensuring clear understanding and excitement among potential backers, laying a solid foundation for exceeding your crowdfunding goals.

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