Become a Colecti partner!

Colecti now offers a unique benefit package to NFT creators, artists and collection owners willing and eligible to become an official launching partner. Apply to the program right away, or read the details below.
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What we offer

To make sure your NFT project gets the head start it deserves in finding the perfect audience, Colecti offers you 4 unique benefits, which can only be obtained through the Launching Partner program. With these benefits, you’ll be certain your collection grasps the full attention of the visitors on the Colecti platform, once we launch.

    What you get

    we put your project on the most prominent places on the Colecti platform in the first weeks after launching

    Actively promote your project through the Colecti social channels

    1-to-1 support from the Colecti tech team to help you set up your project

    access to the developers channel of the Colecti Discord, allowing you to exchange on ideas and potential struggles with other NFT innovators

    What we are looking for

    We are looking for NFT projects that really stand out. That could be in terms of sheer creativity, innovative utilization or a very committed community behind it. As Colecti is an open marketplace, we welcome all sorts of NFT projects. So whether your project is about art, music, gaming, collectibles or any other category, you are very welcome to apply to the program.

    What matters to us is the commitment and vision of the project team and the attractiveness of the collection. That’s what makes a great launching partner for Colecti.

      How it works

      To make sure we can live up to our promise, we have limited the Launching Partner program to a maximum of 20 projects. You can now directly apply to the program! The application window will close by the end of 2022 or sooner when the 20 spots have been filled.

      To apply to the program, you need to fill in the application form so we know who you are, what your NFT project is about and what your future vision of the project is. Your application will then be carefully reviewed by the Colecti team. When you are eligible to become a partner and we are enthusiastic about your plans, we’ll invite you to present your project during a video call. Approximately a week after the video call, we will let you know whether you have been granted a spot in the Launching Partner program. Once you are part of the program, we will work with you towards the launch of Colecti and your project!

      Become a Colecti partner