Colecti’s integration suite

Sell unique digital items (NTFs) directly to your customers through your own website and business portals or create a collection to offer a loyalty program, VIP access or even direct discounts for all owners. 

Use the extensive integration possibilities  to become a WEB3 business. Colecti’s infrastructure provides for security, flexibility and scalability. We keep you connected. You can be an innovator.


The easiest way to fetch NFTs that match your selection criteria is to connect the REST API. Using this API you can display NFTs, the related activity & user data.


Transform your own online environment webshop into a Web3 frontrunner, by enabling your users to buy and mint NFTs straight away. No need for your users anymore to be directed to an external marketplace. 

Bridged blockchain integrated with the Lisk Ecosystem

Already part of the Lisk ecosystem? With a Lisk sidechain it is possible to connect directly to Colecti through the bridged blockchain integration. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a full integration, enabling users to buy and mint NFTs straight away on your platform.

Wordpress Plugin

With our custom this plugin, it will become even easier to connect the Colecti marketplaceColecti to your website. No development required, just implement the Colecti plugin in your WordPress website and you are good to go and you’ll benefit from the same advantages as with the Colecti.JS solution.

Launching beginning ’23!

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Why Colecti

Society is becoming increasingly digitized and interconnected, with blockchain-based solutions and NFTs becoming integral parts of people’s lives. As this industry grows, so too does the need for accessible, immutable and transferable digital possession, and ownership.


Poor Consumer Experience

NFTs have put blockchain and Web3 technology on the map, seeing mainstream adoption and coverage. However, the experience of creating and minting an NFT for consumers today lacks accessibility and can be inefficient, expensive and frustrating.


World Climate Impact

NFTs have caused a lot of controversies when it comes to their impact on the environment. Many believe individual pieces of crypto art, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are responsible for the millions of tons of planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions generated by the cryptocurrencies used to buy and sell them.


Lacking Applicability & Utility

Although the NFT market has been booming, and owning specific NFTs already brings the owner social status and community access, most projects lack true utility, meaning buyers can not further leverage their NFTs after purchasing them.

Colecti’s mission

Colecti’s decentralized NFT Marketplace is an open space of creativity and inspiration, where creators can experiment and build innovative NFTS and users can buy, trade and mint NFTs with ease, all while operating on secure and efficient blockchain technology.

Lisk Partnership

Colecti is built on Lisk, the accessible blockchain platform for building applications with JavaScript. Lisk is designed specifically so that every application runs on its own sidechain, a branch of the Lisk mainchain, to ease congestion, increase speed and settlement times, and keep transaction fees low.

Backed by Experts
Colecti was established in 2022 by Lukas Bronsvoort, Jurre Machielsen and Raphaël Cornelis en Sander Mandemaker,  a team of professionals designing a diverse set of innovative solutions, specifically focusing on blockchain related initiatives. 

Colecti is dedicated to providing a seamless user-experience for those knowledgeable about blockchain and those new to the space. Colectis extensive suites of tools and applications afford users the ability to mint and trade on a platform where you won’t be drowned out by bigger competitors or vague audiences.

Web3 Functionality
Colecti is a decentralized NFT marketplace built on Lisk and runs on delegated proof-of-stake, which requires less energy than other blockchain systems. As Colecti is built on Lisk, the marketplace is connected to an extensive number of wallets and platforms, and provides efficient, low-cost, and secure transactions.
Easy Onboarding

Colecti’s user-friendly and accessible interface allows anyone to mint, trade, and use NFTs. The Colecti platform will enable artists and creators with the tools to engage with the emerging NFT market space, and contribute to integrating blockchain technology into digital society.

End-users can rest assured that Colecti is a green-focused NFT Marketplace with sustainability at its core. Colecti is built on Lisk, which is sustainable by design, using less energy than other blockchains, thanks to its Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol.