Col token

Colecti aims to become a decentralized open space of creativity and inspiration. The COL token lies at the heart of that very ecosystem. COL provides an opportunity for everyone to play a crucial part in the future of Colecti.

Whether you are a creator, trader or simply buying your first NFT, COL will support you! Through COL, you’ll guarantee Colecti’s reliability and contribute to its future. That’s what decentralization is all about.

Delegated Proof-of-stake

Colecti is a decentralized NFT marketplace which runs on delegated proof-of-stake. The COL token plays a crucial part in this decentralization, by rewarding delegates who secure the Colecti blockchain through block rewards and by enabling the voting process. Future steps could even be to further decentralize Colecti by implementing a decentralized governance system around our development roadmap and the usage of the Creator Innovation Fund (CIF).


A significant part of the total COL supply will be airdropped once the Colecti platform launches. Through this airdrop the decentralization of COL is secured, since it will then be owned by the (potential) users of Colecti. Soon you will be able to sign up for the airdrop, through registering on the whitelist. Make sure you are whitelisted, so you don’t miss out on your share of the airdrop.


A total of 200 million COL tokens will be minted in the genesis block of the Colecti chain. These tokens will be distributed to the following destinations. 

  • Initial airdrop 
  • Creator Innovation Fund (CIF)
  • Bug Bounty
  • Trading Rewards
  • Core team
  • Seed Investors

 A detailed distribution plan will be shared on a short notice.

Creator Innovation Fund (CIF)

Let’s uncover the future of NFTs together! We are at the brink of a new digital era, with NFT technology at its heart, but there is still a lot of pionering to do. Colecti is all about forging the next generation of NFTs, by encouraging users to explore new ways of utilizing this new technology. Through CIF we incentivize and facilitate innovative NFT standards, utilities and new applications. 

CIF is a fund consisting of COL, with NFT world dominance as its only purpose. The fund will be used to support multiple programs around attracting new innovative creators to Colecti, discovering new utilities and applying NFTs to new industries.