Colecti NFT Marketplace

Colecti’s decentralized NFT Marketplace is an open space of creativity and inspiration, where creators can experiment and build innovative NFTs and users can buy, trade and mint NFTs with ease, all while operating on secure and efficient blockchain technology.

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Lisk Partnership

Colecti is built on Lisk, the accessible blockchain platform for building applications with JavaScript.

Backed by Experts

Colecti was established in 2022 by a team of professionals focusing on web3.   


Colecti is a seamless user-experience for those knowledgeable about blockchain and those new to the space.

Web3 Functionality

Colecti is a decentralized NFT marketplace built on Lisk and runs on delegated proof-of-stake.

Easy Onboarding

Colecti’s user-friendly and accessible interface allows anyone to mint, trade, and use NFTs.


Users can rest assured that Colecti is a green-focused NFT marketplace with sustainability at its core.

Launching beginning '23!

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About Colecti

As Colecti we strongly believe we can contribute to making blockchain technology an incremental part of our digital society. For sure for all the crypto enthusiasts and experts, but maybe even more for everyone else. Making NFTs accessible for everyone, while encouraging users to explore new ways of utilizing the technology. That’s what Colecti stands for.

Colecti will be the leading NFT marketplace within the Lisk Ecosystem, granting Colecti users access to high speed, low cost transactions, whilst using environmental friendly and reliable blockchain technology.